June 1 - News

EXHIBITION OPENING: Break the Dark Ice by Lulu Wang

We’re delighted to present “Break the Dark Ice” by Lulu Wang, the upcoming exhibition at Pocko on Thursday 15th June at Pocko, in Dalston, East London. Curation from Maria Abramenko, photography in collaboration with Johann Spindler, and a soundscape piece in collaboration with Jared Bennett.

Lulu Wang’s “Break the Dark Ice” exhibition is a testament to the physical existence of the human body. Through her art, Wang explores the intricate relationship between the body and its surroundings, highlighting the ways in which our physical form is shaped by external factors.

The exhibition features a series of artist’s recent and previous works that depict various aspects of the human body, from its internal organs to its external features. Each piece is carefully crafted to showcase the beauty and complexity of our physical form, while also drawing attention to its vulnerability and impermanence. 

Opening Date: Thursday 15 June, 6-9pm

Address: POCKO Gallery, 51a King Henry’s Walk, N1 4NH