February 28 - News

Emiliano Ponzi x New York Times

Emiliano Ponzi‘s long standing relationship with the New York Times means that we see stunning conceptual pieces from the Italian artist frequently, and his new editorial piece is no exception.

The piece named ‘Amnesty‘ centres on a Sri Lankan immigrant living illegally in Australia who comes into trouble once hearing of his murdered co-worker. The piece is an elaborative book review on novel ‘Amnesty’ by author Aravind Adiga.

“The abstract issue of immigration, fodder for cheap politics, comes starkly alive in the story of this one man, his past troubles and his present conflict. “Amnesty” is an ample book, pertinent and necessary. It speaks to our times.” – NYT

“After many studies and bad attempts, I got I needed to create fragments of people, cars and reflections to communicate the overall idea of a dynamic city at first sight.”– Emiliano Ponzi