April 1 - News

Emiliano Ponzi for Washington Post

The popular US news outlet, Washington Post asked Illustrator Emiliano Ponzi to provide an in-depth and visceral look into the day to day life of lockdown Italy.

Using his simple, striking style, Emiliano chose to visually show the changes and new adjustments to Italian life, painting a dramatic and sometimes heart warming scene of how the COVID-19 crisis has affected us all.




“Locked down in our houses, we all are thinking more than before, and perhaps taking stock of our lives. For governments, it could be a great chance, too. Make a list of priorities and place human beings at the centre.”

– Emiliano Ponzi

“We are receiving help from foreign countries: Cuba, Russia and China are sending doctors and medical equipment, but masks and ventilators are not enough and are not the only issue. Intensive care units can’t be built in a day or in a week. Health-care system funds have been reduced along the course of the years and not just in Italy.”

-Emiliano Ponzi