January 11 - News

EArtist with Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani approached Pocko and illustrator Bijou Karman with a hugely exciting opportunity to work on their long running series, #EArtists.

This series invites one illustrator to interpret a new fashion collection by Mr. Armani, and to produce 6 artworks from their own interpretations.

Bijou is no stranger to fashion houses collaborating with her. In 2019, Bijou and Pocko worked together on a project with Prada  & Manrepeller for their new Disguise eyewear collection, you can take a peek here. This project once again solidified that Bijou is the queen of fashion illustration.

Bijou Karman interpreted the ‘Stars Capsule’ collection which included all the sparkle and glamour of a high end fashion collection. You can see Bijou’s collection below, as well as screengrabs from Armani’s Instagram feed.