Welcome Home by Gianluca Galtrucco

Pocko Exhibition

Embark on Gianluca Galtrucco’s latest exhibition, curated and displayed by Pocko in our East London gallery.

This exclusive exhibition delves into the intricate interplay between fiction and reality, unfolding in the iconic landscapes of Hollywood and the expansive deserts beyond—a terrain deeply ingrained in American cinematic culture.

Rooted in Galtrucco’s classical Northern Italian heritage, the exhibition showcases his adept use of architecture, light, and decaying landscapes to offer a unique perspective on the multifaceted nature of human civilization.

The photographer, Gianluca Galtrucco is a Los Angeles based photographer and filmmaker. His work has appeared in publications such as Rolling Stone, Wired and Art in America.

Galtrucco has produced two books of photography both published by Hatje Cantz, For Your Consideration(2017) won the Silver German Photography Prize and Time Traveler (2021).


In the stand out piece of the exhibition “War and Peace” (Above), Gianluca Galtrucco masterfully blends comedy and drama, challenging viewers to discern between dreamlike scenarios and exaggerated illusions. Rich in cinematic references, his work explores the profound influence of the film industry on Los Angeles and its impact on our perception of the city.



Galtrucco’s artworks have graced diverse venues, from the influential “New Italian Landscape” group show in 1999, curated by Maria Grazia Torri, to the 2000 exhibition “7 Artists Meet” at the Sharjah Art Museum.

His solo exhibition, “Metamorphosis,” curated by Giovanna Zamboni Paulis and Alma Ruiz, took center stage at the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles in 2000.

He has also held solo shows in Milan, Barcelona, and New York, and actively participated in events like the Florence Biennale and the MIA Photo Fair in Milan.



“Daydreamer” (Above) captures the recent crises of our era—Pandemic, Fires, Floods, Financial Crises, The Opioid Crisis, AI, and Wars. Amid decay, an otherworldly beauty emerges, revealing humor and life-affirming moments, highlighting the resilience of hope. Gatrucco’s meticulous composition and discerning eye illuminate the complexities of modern existence, urging viewers to confront uncomfortable truths and embrace change.

To learn more about Gianluca’s work and contact details, please visit his website.


Welcome Home is Gianlucca Galtrucco’s first solo show in London and is running at the Pocko Gallery until 30th January 2024.

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