Environmental Mission

Linn was invited by Vitra to illustrate their environmental mission taking shape in the form of a comprehensive glossary, covering sustainability, longevity, materials and circular economy.

Linn’s charming and light-hearted illustrations and animations were the perfect addition to this project, aiming to give Vitra’s audience clarity and support fact-based conversations on the complex topic of climate action.


Vitra are known for their beautiful and long lasting designs, which have been beautifully depicted in Linn’s illustrations including the Vitra design campus, the Eames chair and the Polder sofa.

I have always been a huge fan of Vitra so working on this project together with them was both challenging, scary and exciting at the same time!

Linn Fritz, Illustrator

Working with Linn Fritz was smooth and a lot of fun! She translated our concept and ideas perfectly. With her witty colorful and bold illustrations she captured the spirit of Vitra and their sustainability mission just right.

Annahita Kamali, Art Director

Studio AKFB