Vested Interests

Pocko Exhibition

Vested Interests is an off-piste parade of one-off signed prints and peculiar animations by Dave Anderson, presenting a rare and dangerous opportunity to pick up one of his most near-the-knuckle ideas of the past decade.

From flip chart stand-up performances around the dives of London and compulsive scribblings on beer mats and Greggs receipts, Dave’s ponderings have since been spotted on the BBC, Dave and The Joe Rogan Experience.

After five years in Peru, Dave returned to the city where it all started for an outrageous opening night consisting of dubious self help advice, glorious punning and discover what invention is likely to serve as a sexual aid in the event of a No Deal Brexit. 

Dave was born and raised in Abergavenny, South Wales but moved hurriedly to London when he heard the streets were paved. Described kindly by his university lecturer as “occupying his own unique cultural space”, he started doing illustrated stand-up performances around London before graduating with a Masters from Central St Martins.

Dave has since seen his illustration success bloom and his work on the rebrand of Jacamo won two D&AD Pencils in 2017. He also made the footballing legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic do a number of awkward poses for Nike’s “Dare to Zlatan” campaign. Dave’s comic prints have succeeded in climbing the walls of London’s Jealous and Lazarides Galleries, Liberty’s department store, London Art Fair and exhibitions in Berlin, Glasgow and Philadelphia.

“I’ve been hoarding my thoughts for over ten years. If I don’t write an idea down, five minutes later it usually slips away for good and I grieve as if at the death of a pet.”