Gift Responsibly: a Christmas Campaign

We are so excited to announce the wonderful Chilly’s Christmas campaign with our very own Van Santen & Bolleurs, and Uncommon London! This festive collaboration saw the dutch couple duo help spread the message of gifting responsibly.

No one wants a cake made out of breast milk, or a mix tape of you crying… so don’t overthink it.

Chilly’s bottles are well renowned as being the best reusable water bottle on the market, and with a huge surge in demand due to the anti-plastic revolution, we are happy and proud to  welcome their first  Christmas campaign!

Featured on billboards and tube stations, if you see a picture of it around, take a pic and send it over our way, we’d love to see.

“In this creative collaboration we developed a series of surreal, quirky yet classy images to visualise the Chilly’s ‘Overthought Gifts’ campaign. The images will pop up in outdoor and social media all over the UK.”

Hans and Wendy