UBI Money

Pocko Lab

Together with illustrator Emiliano Ponzi and animator Sugarblood, we produced a wonderful animation and print campaign for UBI Banca, one of Italy’s leading financial entities. The collaboration consisted in executing a visual campaign for UBI’s new product: mobile and tablet application “UBI Money”.

The core piece of the campaign is a 30 seconds animated piece. The creatives portray the tool’s attributes through the metaphor of  farming, one that communicates the client’s sincere and transparent activities.

All assets for the campaign and the production of the animation were executed in four weeks of busy schedule. Renowned Italian illustrator Emiliano Ponzi developed a colour palette and the elements to produce a friendly and poetic piece. London based animator Pedro Allevato, aka Sugarblood then did a fantastic job in compositing and bringing all illustrations to life in a smooth animation, one that allows for immediate understanding of the product.

The aim of the animation is to lead the viewer to the farm world, where the rhythms of a natural, rural life are associated to doing things with care and attention. The world of reference helps to create a strong image of the farmer-consultant, whose role is to introduce and guide the customer though an effective management of investments.