UBI Banca

Pocko Lab

Together with Argentina based animation studio Gizmo, Filmmaster, and Touch Italy we have created an animation for UBI Banca’s new campaign. The thirty second film follows some friendly animals through their journeys to upgrade their homes.

Whether you’re looking for a larger space to fit in a bigger family, a second home somewhere warmer or to start off independently from your parents, UBI Banca offers a different range of loans to suit you. Animation studio Gizmo illustrated and animated these three examples using animals. Have a look at the full animation below.

Every single character has its own virtues and charms, but my personal favourite is the parrot family. From their unique morphology, their expressions and their animated movements, to the final aesthetics achieved on the feathers by a method of simple modelling, but with hand made textures, these characters have a visual richness that definitely has an impact on the audience.
– Ema Verruno, Animation Director

The Parrots

For years Ubi has been working in the world of illustration and animation, but this project has proved a new benchmark.
Both from an aesthetic point of view, thanks to Gizmo’s interpretation of a very high level, as a workflow and cooperation of all the figures involved. –  Art Director Touch Italy

The Caterpillar

One of the main challenges of this project was to find a unique and special look and feel for this brand in particular. We had to develop from scratch (and in just a bit more than four weeks), charismatic CG characters, expressive, but not Disney-like, not childish. In the same way, the environmental design and animation style had to respond to those parameters.

From that base, we found a balance between these characters, with rounded lines and adult features, with no extreme movements and also, despite of being very different beings, they are all unified by a thorough morphologic criteria.

– Ema Verruno, Animation Director

The Cricket

The second most important challenge was the number of scenes that we had to include in only 30 seconds (taking into account almost 5 seconds of institutional closure). For this, we came up with a dynamic storytelling, with fluent transitions in which the similarity between shapes on the different environments and the camera movements helped achieve an organic tale that takes us on a trip scene by scene, without rough cuts and with the necessary pauses for each and every character to deepen their story with Ubi Banca’s credits.

– Ema Verruno, Animation Director

The Penguin