UBI Banca

Campaign 2019

UBI Banca continued their series of beautifully animated, character led campaigns for 2019, commissioning Pocko in conjunction with award winning CGI studio Gizmo to animate a tale depicting the benefits of the bank’s latest product offering.

The team at Gizmo, once again, created charming characters and rich environments to tell the stories of everyday big payments like a broken fridge or university education being paid for in instalments, in imaginative and engaging scenes.

The animation, made for Italian TV, and accompanying print ads aim to repeat the huge success of Gizmo’s previous turns for UBI Banca, which engaged customers across the country.  With a tight schedule to launch in tandem with the new product itself Gizmo produced another high quality, lovable and beautiful addition to their portfolio for UBI Banca.


We really enjoyed participating creatively in all of the UBI Banca films, creating the designs, environments and characters.

In this case, we are in love with the Mole and his environment. It has so many little details on the acting and the animation that makes it totally adorable. We believe that we accomplished the challenge of translating the background designs to the final modelling and shading, creating really beautiful environments. – Fer Sawa, Director.

Every year the task is to improve on the work of the previous project, focusing on settings, characters, and the animation itself.  The way Gizmo brought to life the video game idea is fantastic and the environments are incredibly accurate.

The outcome turned out to be better than we imagined. – Edoardo, Project Manager DLV BBDO