UBI Bank 2018

Pocko Lab

For another year we have collaborated with the amazing Argentina based animation studio Gizmo, and Filmmaster, to create a playful animation for Italian bank UBI Banca. Featuring brand new characters we discover the multiple ways UBI is there to help financially with a multitude of common problems.

The campaign has been live on television in Italy as well as featured in print around the country. The charismatic animals have become an essential part of UBI Banca’s brand and we are proud to have been a part of this amazing project. Check out the full animation as well as some behind the scenes work below.

After the success of last year’s campaign it was a big challenge to improve the animation and set a new quality standard, however thanks to Gizmo’s vision in this project we reached an astonishing result. – Marzetti &  Fresi – Creatives at  BBDO

The task was to create new characters  with the virtue and charm of the previous ones. Simple and friendly designs that produce empathy. We maintained a more adult style of animation, where the expressions and movements are more controlled and not that extreme.  – Gizmo

The Monkey

The Turtle

The Heron

The Pelican