Italian visual artist Michela Picchi was delighted to collaborate with Uber in a hugely exciting project!

Michela was asked by Uber to paint a mural in her own artist style in one of their offices. Her design captures the excitement and safety that Uber promotes.

She included elements of Pittsburgh too, making this a mural not only speaking to the hearts of employees of Uber, but to the residents that live in the city.

Michela’s strong opaque colours and popping shapes are her natural visual language. She used Uber’s brand colours for an exciting twist and we think the results are amazing.

She has worked on murals for Airbnb, Mindspace & Nike and we can’t wait to see what other murals Michela has lined up in 2020; keep those eyes peeled….

I represented the missions of the various employees: a cyclist with her dog – and also the wildlife represented by the jungle of flowers,. The skater highlights the surreal urban world in Pittsburgh!

– Michela Picchi

The colour combination is mine & Uber’s combined – It’s a strong pop twist! 

– Michela Picchi