The Movie Graphic Novel

Disney approached Pocko Lab for the art direction and design of a magazine and a graphic novel for the Tron Legacy film. The project took place while the film was still being made, so many of the photos and images from the movie were taken straight from the production studio! 

This approach was absolutely necessary in order to co-ordinate the launch of the publications with the release of the film. Having grown up in the midst of the original Tron film, it’s been an amazing experience working with the Disney team on this incredible sequel.

The Tron Legacy Graphic Novel needed to appeal to a wide audience of new fans (boys ages 9-11) and older fans (adults) of the two Tron films. So once again, sophistication and simplicity needed to go hand in hand. In addition to the comics, the graphic novel also contains the history of the Tron films, as well as insider information on how the comics were made, showing the processes of drawing in pencil, and then onto to the inking and colouring stages.