Tracing the Nature-Cosmos

Group Exhibition

We’re thrilled to have launched our new group exhibition of digital art ‘Tracing the Nature-Cosmos’. The show features a cohort of international artists, and explores surreal bio-species and terrains at the corner of a transformed world.

The exhibition asks the viewer,  “How can a digital-native artform relay the earthly, the natural, and the organic? Do our climate futures lay in the virtual world?”

Featuring the cosmic dreams and dystopias of Ukrainian artist Nadya Plyamko, the otherworldly bio species and extra-scientific terrestrial creations of Chris Hoffmann’s ‘Latent Entities’ series, the surreal humanoid corals in Zach Beech’s ‘Shaman’, and the landscape futures and bio-experiments of Pleid St’s ‘Tales from the Land’ series amongst many others.

A world distorted by ecological disaster … species collapse and reform like tectonic plates … charged earth and floating ecospheres appear … technofossils begin to take form …

As digital artists it’s important for us to find spaces to come together in real life and build community. The opening was a really great opportunity to meet other likeminded creatives. I’m excited for the friendships and collaborations which have already sprung up and extend a big thank you to Pocko for making this happen.

– Carola C. Dixon, Digital Artist

A textural amalgamation of digital realms, translucent creatures and virtual landscapes reflected in the deconstructed sound narrating the opening evening.

– Guia Bertorello, Performer (guia&tagor)

Digital art around the environment occupies a uniquely ironic position in the broader on-going ‘climate art’ movement, given the weighty demands on energy & computing power involved. This group of artists are playful & conscientious in representing nature and organic life through their tech-heavy medium, and the imagined climate futures depicted in their work draw from novel utopian & dystopian ideals.