Silence & Distance

Eiko Ojala & Jacob Howard

For our winter exhibition between the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 we showcased the amazing works of Eiko Ojala and Jacob Howard at The Pocko Gallery in Dalston.  Calm and contemplation define the atmospheric images– united by a long distance creative relationship.

When Tallinn-based illustrator Eiko Ojala met Wellington-dwelling photographer Jacob Howard in New Zealand three years ago, the creative duo soon discovered a mutual thread that connects their mutually-minimal work; despite living so far apart.

From different cultures they may be, but Ojala and Howard found that they both seek to work in a way that is opposing to the Western culture that links them; be that a search for space, distance, quietness, or for something that can’t be captured but continues to be sought. Whilst Eiko uses the countryside that surrounds him for inspiration, Jacob finds himself trekking off on week long road trips to shoot his sublime imagery.

The duo have brought their contemplative work together for a new exhibition, Silence & Distance, which launched at the end of 2017, at our gallery space in Dalston, London. Eiko Ojala’s unfussy digital illustrations and Jacob Howard’s melancholic photography, united by their unnerving minimalist emphasis to create Silence and Distance.