Christmas Collaboration

Dermofarm’s Sensilis skincare brand approached Pocko and David Milan to visually conceptualise their sensitive & festive Christmas gift box range!

David designed the box and interior with his signature three-dimensional design sensibility, a soft, elegant design that conveys the magic of Christmas celebrations. This was an obvious fit for the brand.

Along with the box, David created a stunning window display shown across shops in Portugal and Spain, giving any window shopper a celebratory view that would sure convince them to get an extra gift for the family.

I like working with real tools, sometimes leaving the digital side. I usually use brushes with acrylic paints and make phrases or letters. Seeing the real organic texture is amazing

– David Milan

This time around, David, alongside his incredible work, narrates this very insightful process video that is a must watch to any designer that wants to shake things up a little.