Gifts for the Journey Ahead

Each film revolves around a different gifting moment of the year, Christmas, Honeymoon, Wedding Anniversary, Graduation and Birthday. The transition brings to life the concept that Rimowa gifts are part of a bigger present: the future journey that they will be carried in. 

Pocko produced the project by facilitating the creation and delivery of a series of assets for social media, OOH and digital platforms, including 10s hero film, 30s anthem, 6s cutdown, GIFs and stills.

Vincent Mahé is France-based, known for his beautifully detailed and charming illustrations. Working as an art director on the project, he created the colour palette and mood for each film, as well as the characters, backgrounds, products and all the small details that give the films life.

Parallel Studio, also based in France, bring their highly technical 2D animation skills and personality flare to this project, with a particular and personal touch to character movement and animation transitions, where the small details are highly important, and don’t go unnoticed.

The ‘Honeymoon’ film features a couple unveiling a Rimowa gift. As the scenery around the suitcase changes, we zoom out to see it in the back of a car, showing their transition into their holiday driving down the stunning Italian coast.

A husband gifts his piano-playing wife a Rimowa crossbody, for their Wedding Anniversary. As she puts it on, and they sit on their living room couch, it instantly transforms into a high-speed bullet train in Japan, where they embark on a scenic journey, with Mount Fuji majestically in the background.

A Rimowa suitcase is gifted to a graduate on his special day, as it seamlessly transforms into a a travel companion, the vibrant green and earthy brown tones dominate the color palette showcasing different countries from around the world.

For the Christmas film, a partner surprises their food enthusiast loved one with a Rimowa backpack at the kitchen table. As she puts it on, the scene transforms into a gastronomic journey, whisking the couple away to diverse restaurants worldwide, indulging in a delightful array of international cuisines.