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Punanimation was founded in early 2015 by animators Bee Grandinetti, Hedvig Ahlberg and Linn Fritz after finding themselves frustrated with the lack of diversity in the animation world. Working in male-dominated studios, female role models, and even sometimes just female colleagues, were hard to come by. So, rather than accept their lot, the trio took a proactive stance and founded Punanimation. Starting as a Facebook group, aiming to bring women, trans and non-binary friends together, Punanimation celebrates their success with their first exhibition.

The show featured work from Punanimation members from 33 different cities across the globe. The exhibition presented a selection of work from their members reimagining the Punanimation logo in their own styles alongside a series of animations. If you’re also a woman, non-binary or trans person working in the creative industries and looking for support you can also check out other groups like Women in Animation, Yes Equal, Animated Women UK, Edit Collective, and Women Who Draw.

Even though the three of us came from different backgrounds, we were equally frustrated with the lack of diversity and representation in work environments – and all the complications that come with those.

Linn Fritz

This  show is a strong celebration of the Punanimation ethos, with brilliant work from the likes of Daniela Uribe and Justyana Stasik set to go on display at Pocko.

It’s Nice That

Even within our minority group, we’re very aware that the majority of it is still composed of white, cis women, so there’s definitely a very long way to go still when it comes to diversity in animation.

Bee Grandinetti

With #visiblewomen currently trending on Twitter, it’s a good time for women animators to join forces with other under-represented voices in the industry and take on the ‘boys club’ feel of animation.

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