Park Hotel Tokyo

Sound of Waves - The Art of Collaboration

Echoing a longstanding Pocko tradition of prolific collaborations, a handpicked unique selection of photographers, painters, illustrators and animators were united to work together in creating new artworks that reflect the emotions of adventure, exploration and freedom.

The idea of a world dominated by technology and social media which ironically renders the individual more isolated than ever before, has been the driving motivation behind Sound of Waves. Our solution to this was to to pair up artists in a ‘creative blind date’ scenario, creating a dialogue where new artworks show how artistic connections can fuel growth and fruitful ideas through the merging of creative energies.

Continuing on from the launch of the stunning first exhibition instalment, Pocko Park NowHere, commissioned by the glorious Park Hotel Tokyo, we are proud to present the group exhibition, Sound of Waves. The exhibition features internationally renowned Japanese and European artists from a range of multi-disciplinary backgrounds and will be the second instalment of our dynamic collaboration with Park Hotel Tokyo.

Venue: Park Hotel Tokyo, 25th, 31st, 34th Floors

Opening Times: 03 June – 01 September – 11:00 – 20:00 (open throughout this period)

“The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.”
– Vladimir Nabokov

A series of waves that meet, briefly and carry on, maybe to meet again. With the aim to fix that instant of a melting point, that rare moment where we don’t feel alone

These random art encounters, are like chance meetings, which are sometimes life changing and certainly devices of change. Random encounters are the spice of life and we hope to provoke unexpected yet intimate vibrations between different bodies of works and the personalities behind them

Contributing Artists: Michela Picchi – Ushiki Masanori – Linn Fritz – Kyoko Hamada – Marco Oggian – Keeenue – Paul Bower – Hiro Sugiyama – Svetlana Fialova – Ichiro Kono – Martin Holtkamp – Nomoco – Van Santen & Bolleurs – Haruna Kawai – Vasty – Niky Roehreke – Lobulo Studio – Geray Mena – Atsuhide Ito – Bijou Karman – Ana Tortos – MUTE – Sugar Blood – Dave Anderson – AWolff – Carolina Niño Büro – We Think Things – Parallel – Gizmo