Pocko Lab + Les Jeanclode

Pocko Lab were briefed by telecoms company TIM and digital agency Alkemy to produce an ongoing animation campaign. Pocko started the process by recommending a number of cutting-edge illustration and animation teams from around the world.

Les Jeanclode were the first illustrators to be selected for the campaign for their originality and skill with characters. To take care of the animation, Viumasters were appointed for their exceptional motion graphic skills, creativity and flexible attitude.

Les Jeanclode created a surreal world of illustrations to be used in the animation, as brand assets, and for promotional materials. These included characters, typography and backgrounds that could be interchanged by Viumasters for the animations, or the agency for marketing purposes.

Les Jeanclode’s illustrations, backgrounds and type were used in the animation, as brand assets, and as part of promotional materials