Jules Julien

ENCOUNTERS, a show by Jules Julien curated and produced by Pocko and Labo.Art, with the support of Filmmaster Productions. The original exhibition premiered during the Design Week in Milan, and in response to its great success Pocko Gallery had the pleasure of hosting Encounters in July, 2015.

The exhibition included a selection of works from three main series by French artist Jules Julien, and was presented as large-scale, free hanging posters. The collection of visceral imagery was exhibited in conjunction with limited edition pieces from the Labo.Art’s fashion range.

Based in Amsterdam, Julien’s work is based on oppositions: light and darkness, graphic and sensitive, real and surreal. His clean and simple aesthetic makes his works are immediately recognizable. Born of the technology generation – Julien uses digital tools to express himself, to an almost photographic precision. His finely chiselled textures render his drawings somehow both clinically accurate and visceral.

After studying applied arts, he worked as an Artistic Director, creating illustrations for major brands such as Adidas, Cartier, and Diesel. An explorer, Julien’s journey has followed multiple paths – his vivid imagination and open spirit have brought him to where he is today. His work has been shown in individual and collective shows in Japan, France, Switzerland and Germany.


Jules Julien has created his ‘White Collection’ exclusively for TH Manufacture. Each diner plate in this set of four is decorated with a ‘white’ drawing. The designs are composed of four different and intriguing narratives featuring one or more characters. The delicate white drawings suggest the fragility of porcelain and a human tactility: the twist of a wrist, the reflection of a satin bow, the murmur of lips into an ear. Each plate forms part of the puzzle – is it four different stories or four parts of the same scene?