Oasis of Growth

Plasmon is world famous for producing nutritious and tasty baby food, and when Alkemy approached Pocko Lab to produce an animation for their new campaign, we were delighted to contribute! The premise was to design a miniature world, an Oasis of Growth, filled with colourful characters who nurture and raise the food ingredients essential for a baby’s nutrition and development.

The story follows our hero, the Cricket, as he dances and whistles his way throughout the world, meeting a host of working companions, and of course lending a helping hand when he can. The character design was produced by Pocko Lab and Velwyn Yossy, and animation talent once again by the amazing Ben Pearce.

What your child eats in the early years of life will affect its growth and its future development. Beacuse of this, all Plasmon products are designed and developed at the Centre for Research, Development and Child Nutrition in Milan, where a team of experts makes sure that every product has a nutritional profile adapted to the stages of growth of a child.