Osaka University

Induction Process

Marco Oggian was thrilled to be invited by Osaka University to create a series of illustrations and an animated film explaining the induction process to the university for prospective students. 

OGU is a private university in Osaka and known for its amazing humanities faculties and its international student cohort.

True to Marco’s signature style and colour palette, his bold illustrations are the perfect addition to OGU’s explainer campaign.

Marco’s work was such a great success with OGU that the project was expanded to printed material distributed around the campus. 

Marco invited the OGU team to his studio in A Coruña Spain to learn about his creative process.

I was thrilled to be a part of this campaign -I love the work that the OGU team do, and it’s great to get involved with such a prestigious institution.

– Marco Oggian

We couldn’t be more pleased with the work Marco created for us. Each time we look at the campaign, it brings us happiness!

Fumi Matsui, Art Director

Bureau Kida