The Power of Sleep

Hot off the press and straight into our loving arms is Nomoco‘s newly published book with DK! This beautifully illustrated self-help book gives the reader the key to a successful night’s sleep, and gaining control over chronic sleep problems. We have been losing sleep over how excited we are for this launch, so I guess we better get reading!

Published in a self-help series by DK, this book also details over 40 proven strategies to approaching excellent sleep. You can purchase the book straight from DK’s website here!

Nomoco’s delicate ink illustrations are the perfect addition to compliment this fragile and sometimes fraught topic – Sleep. Using considered mark making and soft colours, Nomoco’s ink illustrations invite the viewer in for a warm nostalgic hug and comfort us. Exactly what we need when just drifting off…

“Find targeted meditation, movement and breathing exercises; discover how light, colour, and sound could hold the key to healthy sleep; and find out how to get to the root of the underlying causes of chronic sleep problems.”


Reset your sleep patterns to suit your lifestyle and draw on practical techniques to overcome common sleep disruptors, including stress, jet-lag, and shift-work.