Emporio Armani


2020 felt a bit unfashionable… working from home meant questionable outfit choices with little effort. The moment this project landed in our inbox we felt a surge of excitement which made us run and put on our best power business suit.

Michela Picchi was asked to work on a hugely exciting project with global fashion house Emporio Armani, and their MyEA Bag customisation series!


Michela designed a set of patches that could be used to customise EA bags any way you desire. Michela was asked to illustrate a full alphabet along with fashionable shapes, motifs and the iconic eagle logo of Armani.

You can check how to personalise an EA Bag on the Emporio Armani website. Promotion limited whilst stocks last.


So inspired by her love for psychedelic patterns and motifs, Armani gave the creative reigns to Michela! She pitched her own inspired designs which ended up being included in the final selection.