My Type of Revolution

Solo Exhibition

Pocko Gallery welcomes the second solo exhibition of Italian artist and maker, Raissa Pardini, which opened on Thursday 2nd December at Pocko Gallery, Dalston.

“My Type of Revolution” is an exhibition surrounding Raissa’s professional and personal  practice. Using her skills as a creative designer, Raissa brings awareness to issues close to her heart and industry, often creating posters as forms of protest.

From climate change, to lack of diversity in the creative industry, Raissa spreads reflective messages using bold typographic statements and equally bold design. The exhibition will feature wall to wall prints and posters, with sculptural typography elements.

Raissa Pardini has collaborated with some of the most interesting music artists, labels, art and culture projects around the world. You can see her full portfolio here.

“The more I studied letters, the more I became passionate about them until the point that I wanted to reconstruct them and use them as artworks” – Raissa Pardini 

Offering more insight into her practice, Raissa offers free student mentorship sessions throughout the full duration of the exhibition. Pocko Gallery will also feature sketches and internal working drawings of Raissa’s most notable commissions once again offering more unique insight into her creative process. Finding a positive voice within her community is incredibly important for Raissa– “If the community thrives, everyone thrives. I’ve always wanted to find a way to use visuals to take a position in a positive way.”

For those of you who love type, you’ll notice she mixes old-school typography and colourful details with a contemporary eye and critique. – Creative Boom