My Muse: Mario Pischedda

Pocko Gallery

My Muse is a selection of artistic folie à deux, which in english literally means “madness shared by two”, comprised of staged portraiture and performances by Mario Pischedda with musician Jesuino Dejana.

Mario is the author of films and books and has worked for many years on the edges of the contemporary art scene both in his native island Sardinia and on mainland Italy. He is a main collaborator of the iconic cult magazine, Frigidaire and a mover and shaker of the avant-garde movement.

Opening: 12 April 2017

Mario is the anti-system artist par excellence, and the most unpredictable of conceptual artists. We can describe “My Muse” as a delusional sitcom that has as its main theme how moments of the collective unconscious can be captured by the photographic medium. Mario investigates the moment that flees irretrievably.

Each photograph was taken only once, without notice or direction.

The whole concept is improvised, after the two artists (and close friends) worked on it for years, and decided to show something of their shared madness.

In the artist’s own words, the photographs are photographic jam sessions and games with Sardinian artist Jesuino Dejana. Their work took years of experimentation, and each photograph represent a unique situation that it is no longer repeatable. He defines it a pure “Situationism”.