International Women's day

MTV has been at the heart of experimentation and thought provoking creations since 1981. This year, they approached us looking for new female identifying artists to collaborate with them on new idents for the international women’s day.  They were very clear on one thing. This project was to give a strong voice to its artists so they would have the freedom to show their most surprising, creative and playful work. We immediately knew we had our pick for them.


Ana Tortos’s video is bold and unapologetically feminine. From hot pink to high heel boots, Ana puts the spotlight on elements of the women experience that get regularly mocked and minimized by society. In her work, women strike a confident pose and don’t need to lose their sparkle to be taken seriously.

Nadiia Pliamko submerges us into her inner vision. A fantastical, enticing world, full of soft pastel tones and ever changing  growth. We feel surrounded by a feminine nature that feels simultaneously intimidating and nurturing. Pushing the boundaries of what 3D can do, Nadia delivers an enchanting creation that truly captivates the eye.

“I am so grateful to have had the chance to be part of this project whose aim is to make women’s voice a little bit louder.”

“Behold breaking and transforming passive vision to the individual with defined will and capabilities, even bringing physalis to the top”

In addition to her incredible work, Nadiia gives us an insight into her creative and technical process. With her surreal vision comes a very delicate process where every detail counts. This “behind the scene” special makes us truly appreciate the hard work that comes with a project like this and showcases Nadiia’s talent as an artist always ready to push boundaries