Laurence King

Movie Genius Cards

We’ve been waiting to share these!!

In the latter part of 2019 Bijou Karman and Pocko were approached by Laurence King to create a set of their Genius playing cards! Doing what she does best, Bijou created portraits of film heavyweights ranging from Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles to Sofia Coppola and Samuel L. Jackson – plus two jokers: Wes Anderson and Charlie Chaplin.

With Movie Genius you can bring some stardust to your card table

with 54 of the most influential movie directors and stars, arranged into four suits:

Hearts = Romance, Clubs = Drama, Diamonds = Crime, Spades = Sci-fi

The cards are able to be purchased directly from Laurence King’s website or various retailers worldwide!

My favourite subjects would have to be a tie between Ida Lupino and Spike Lee! They both have such fabulous style. I loved looking through all of their outfits and picking a fun combination to draw. It’s always most satisfying to portray people with a lot of character and unique style.

This project was challenging for me in that I painted a lot of men, which is not normally my specialty. I really enjoyed the challenge of capturing each person’s likeness and character though.

– Bijou Karman