SELFRIDGES: The Museum of Small Things

Pocko Lab

In February 2010 the Ultralounge in Selfridges was transformed in to The Museum of Small Things, in association with POCKO and Kit Grover.

The Museum of Small Things inspired visitors to look, then look again, at the world they inhabit. They are shown how to discover the details they so often overlook. Here are priceless gems too subtle to compete with show-stopping technology, modest masterpieces devalued in cultures where biggest is best and mega is better.

Exhibits ranged across ideas and images, to objects and goods, detritus and treasures. In order to view the exhibition, visitors needed to be actively engaged. They must focus in order to see. They encounter reflections, magnifications, optical illusions, artificial façades and hidden doors. A succession of spaces will entertain the eye, the brain and the senses, inviting the visitor to discover the power of small things when they are properly seen.

The exhibit featured new works from over 20 artists including Grayson Perry, James Braithwaite, Nomoco, McFaul Studio and Shaun Leane, Jewellery Designer of the Year.