Morgan Stanley

A tale of each Business Potential

2020 Summer was a bit of a strange one… but something that made it much sweeter was the beautiful animation work created between Parallel Studio and Morgan Stanley, which we had the pleasure of producing with NYC agency, Elephant!

The global team at Morgan Stanley asked the Parallel team to bring to life a tale of how much potential each business really has. Their campaign wanted to show no matter how small your business, there is always potential for a greater company.

Hidden away portals and rising skylines all allude to where your potential could be hidden!

Working with Illustrator Giordano Poloni, we were tasked with storyboarding, animating, VO and sound directing the two animations.

Both films, Upwards & Hidden Potential, have more moving characters, background details and parallax you can count on one hand. You can check out both films below. Sound design by the fantastic Zing Audio.



Hidden Potential