Large format collection of collaborative pieces between image makers, photographers and illustrators with accompanying short stories by South African writer Stacy Hardy.

Includes works by Olaf Hayek, Paul Bower, Postics, Adam Hayes, Nomoco, Joey HiFi, Hennie Haworth, Mike Perry, Jan Von Holleben.


I awake hours later. He is sleeping next to me. He’s lying against my side, pressed so I’m pinned. My arm is asleep, instead of fingers I feel a far away tingle. A red digital clock in the darkness above my head flashes 12:00 12:00 12:00 over and over and over

Finally home, I run to our room, shedding my jacket on the floor. I find Miles on our bed, the muscles in his face are still and beautiful. For a moment I think that he’s asleep … or dead? I throw my body down beside him. But he opens his eyes, grins, just joking. Then with a strength that jars my breath, he pulls me to him, nestling my head beneath his chin. It’s our little game — playing dead, pretending to be asleep. The thrill of getting caught in the act.