Marvel Your Routine

The aim was dispel the idea that oral hygiene is a mundane task, by offering a fresh perspective. Bringing 5 different talented artists together was an exciting challenge, but one that Pocko rose to with enthusiasm.

Pocko guided each illustrator through concept & ideation, director’s treatments, character development, animatics, colour palette development, rough and final animations – all to convey one simple message: “Marvis turns the mundane into extraordinary”. 

The campaign has been featured in Little Black Book, Ads of the World and Shots!

With a focus on 5 different flavours, each artist went on a different journey to encapsulate this message. 

Sawako Kabuki, Japanese illustrator, with her cheeky and witty touch, captured the essence of the Jasmine and Whitening flavours, using her recognisable playful and unexpected transitions.

Whilst Italian Sebastiano Fossali, used his painterly and textured style to turn the liquorice flavour into an extravagant fireman’s unexpected journey through space. 

One of Pocko’s own, French Simon Landrein promotes the freshness of Strong Mint with a mountain adventure. 

Always judge a toothpaste by it’s tube


As surreality and humour is my favourite theme to explore, the creative team gave me the green light to develop as many ideas as possible. Some of them amused us straight away and got to the final stage.

– Sebastiano Fossali

I felt like I was going on a blind date, as I worked on a 30-second animation which included other selected artists. 

– Sawako Kabuki

It is an unusual approach for a toothpaste brand, which I really enjoyed. Being told to be quirky for a healthcare product doesn’t happen everyday.

– Simon Landrein

Animation studio, AWOLFF, long-standing Pocko production partner, worked on bringing all these intricate and unique animations into one 30-second mash-up. Working with Matteo Manzini (AWOLFF Founder & Creative Director), we came up with multiple ideas for how to transition from one flavour, (therefore one style), to another in a seamless and effortless way.

We know, routine is boring. That’s why we all need a bit of marvel. Now, you can go around screaming at people. Or you can try Marvis’ infinite, colorful, marvelous range of toothpastes. All you need is a squeeze to marvel your routine! ✨