Magpies Nest by Nadiia Pliiamko

Pocko Exhibition

Nadya Plyamko
Makers / Motion

In October 2023, Pocko Gallery was proud to present the solo show  ‘Magpies Nest’ from Ukrainian artist Nadiia Pliiamko. In her work, Nadiia plowed the field of the imaginary through a visual language of fairy tales and magical realism. Drawing from Soviet iconography, Bosch-like dreamworlds, and middle European folklore, the collection of work explored the breadth of Nadiia’s artistic practise, as well as her responsed to the Ukrainian war.



Надя Плямко (Nadiia Pliiamko) is a Ukrainian visual artist currently residing in Tallinn, Estonia. Since 2007, she has been exhibited in over 25 exhibitions across Europe and the US. Best known for her explorations of surreal narratives with an exotic atmosphere symbolizing the versatility of various phenomena and entities.

The show featured a collection of Nadiia’s prints and video art, as well as the premier of the documentary ‘Magpies Nest’. Directed by Nick Collin, the film explored the impact of the ongoing war with Russia on Nadiia’s life and art – from details of daily life in exile in Estonia, to new creative collaborations with Berlin-based choreographer Christoph Winkler.