Mad Perros


Pocko was approached to develop the branding and the communication tools for a new concept of NY style pizzeria opening the first branch in downtown Nasushiobara. Pocko’s own Marco Oggian fit the brief perfectly with his strong yet friendly graphic style and emphasis on character illustration.

We first worked on murals and branding POS for the store, but after working so successfully, Pocko began collaborating on the brands website.

A website, logo and typeface were created and then our Creative Director, Nicola Schwartz flew out with Marco where they designed and painted the walls of the pizzeria. Check out the story below:

The name of the restaurant (Mad Perros Pizza) has nothing to do with the food but is a reflection of the ethos of the client who is Japanese, not Mexican! Capturing this ethos meant expressing a love of pizza and rock-n-roll but with a kid-friendly vibe that was also cool enough for young adults too.

Mad Perros is not about selling Pizza, its about providing an escape from the boredom of daily life.

Pocko understood well the concept and the creative results are far more than we ever expected.

Taichi Hirata, CEO

In between all the painting, the team  took lots of breaks to bathe in the onsen, eat soba and party hard ‘Ichiro Kono’ style. It was gratifying to see the final product finished and Mad Perros Pizzeria is the perfect mix of ‘kawaii’ and cool.

Through the mural, I wanted to represent the true essence of the Mad Perros project –a company that does not just sell pizza. There is a real concept and philosophy behind it all and I think I was able to capture this and illustrate that vision on the walls.

Marco Oggian