Like A Girl

Exhibition for International Women's Day

To celebrate this year International Women’s Day we hosted an exhibition of work from Alessandra Genualdo and Bijou Karman. The title ‘Like a Girl’ purposefully turned previously negative connotations of the phrase on it’s head.

The show celebrated these two incredible talents as well as launching Pocko Social, our new social media arm found here.

Alessandra Genualdo

Alessandra Genualdo is an Italian artist and illustrator working mainly in gouache and coloured pencil from her studio in Hackney Wick. She draws inspiration from nature, the female body and the women she walks past every day. Her illustrations are very much a tribute to women and, unsurprisingly, she has very strong views on the subject of feminism.

“The world of a girl can be such a complex one – we are born to live with a series of expectations imposed by society, history, culture – some so much more than others,” – Alessandra Genualdo

Bijou Karman

Bijou Karman paints and illustrates beautiful portraits of strong, stylish and independent women who “never fade into the background”. Based in LA, Bijou is inspired by strong women, fashion, and a love of bold colours, print, and plants.

“The girls we represent can be anyone who struggle with these barriers, and anyone who overcame them, but who are still proud of being like a girl. To be a girl is to be strong, even when you don’t want to be. Living in an oppressive society has taught us to work twice as hard to earn the same respect as a man. We can openly express our emotions and aren’t afraid to cry, but this is the result of our inner strength.” – Bijou Karman