Le Petit Neant 3

Pocko Gallery

Le Petit Neant is a publication that covers the art of drawing. It is a journal of images, many of them monochrome, and is presented without commentary, explanation, interpretation or documentation, challenging the readers to simply just “look”. It features the work of artists and illustrators from four continents, and the images are selected and sequenced by editor Miguel Angel Valdivia and art director Giulia Garbin. The pictures’ relationship to each other is unique to this publication, but there is no plot, no story arc or an easily comprehensible conclusion.

Selected pieces from the artists featured in the journal were displayed in the exhibition, inviting the audience to explore the pleasures of this wordless narrative and different reading experience.

The exhibition opened on February 2nd and lasted until April 7th 2017 at Pocko Gallery, launching the third issue of Le Petit Neant.

Le Petit Neant explores the pleasure of the wordless narrative, inviting the audience to a different reading experience.

Andrzej Klimowski is a graphic artist and a designer of theatre, opera and film posters. He is an international illustrator of book covers, press and magazine illustrations and the author of graphic novels. His research interests are in narrative, investigating new relationships between text and image.

Phil Goss’s work is concerned with play between figuration, abstraction, and decoration. He plays on the notion of what is coherent by combining different mediums often found outside the traditional gallery setting, and he is influenced by writers such as J G Ballard who explore the destabilizing of a singular meaning. He is currently the director of the Centre for Recent Drawing.

Becky Allen’s drawings, whilst characterized by intricate abstract detail and repetition, surprise as they unravel into a woven material quality. The detailed line drawings demonstrate the delicate beauty of her subjects. Whether it be natural elements such as tree bark or hand woven patterns, the forms she works with, engage with the notion of transformative elements, whilst developing upon the material nature of the stories she studies.

Joakim Drencher tells stories in order to makes sense of the world and to tell his own perspective on what’s going on around him. There are a number of ways he likes to do this, with drawing being his favorite but he also writes and records songs. He draws inspirations by a large cross section of culture; 80’s cult movies, literature, RAW magazine, the Chicago Imagists and a lot of different music. He currently self publishes his books at studio space and printing locale Kld Repro.

Thomas Dowse’s work has a unique sense of atmosphere and his dense drawings suggest narratives that stand somewhere between the real and the dreamlike. He is a lecturer in Graphics and Illustration at the University of Northampton.

Chris Bianchi works as freelance illustrator. His personal work deals largely with self initiated narrative and story telling. Having self published two books “The Spinners” 2003 and “Box” 2005, he is now working on a new book as well as teaching illustration.

Marie Jacotey’s work is a comment on human relationships and how people deal with essential and existentialist subjects such as love and death in everyday life. She tends to depict women but from a point of view that isn’t usually clearly gendered. Her pieces take very different shapes, from various types of editions – from comics to artist books – to different sorts of installations – from series of drawing on plaster installed on the floor to oil paintings onto dustsheets.

Other featured artists: Robert Rubbish – artist, filmmaker and one of the founding members of LE GUN magazine/ M.A Valdivia – the editor of La Petit Neant is also featured in the journal, as he is a visual artist and a visiting lecturer at Royal College of Art/ Steph Von Reiswitz – artist and illustrator with a penchant for the mysterious and the darkly funny/ Joe Kessler – cartoonist and illustrator of Breakdown Press/ Grace Holliday – London-based illustrator and mark maker/ Rachel Wright – artist, explores narrative predominantly through drawing and painting.