Le Perle Di Pinna

Mio Matsumoto

Tempo is a premium tissue brand, born in Germany and sold in several countries around the world including Italy. Tempo Italy wanted to create a series of new packagings, featuring illustrations along with the the famous « Perle di Pinna » quotes.

Both Tempo and the team at DLVBBDO Milan fell in love with the delicateness and beauty of Mio Matsumoto’s work. Mio was happy to jump on this project and we started producing a series of drawings to be then applied to the famous Tempo tissue packs.

Antonio Andrea Pinna is known as Le Perle di Pinna. His ironic and sarcastic sentences has conquered the web. In Italian, « perla » means « pearl » and is used to indicate an ironic and funny sentence.

Using her smooth pen work, Mio Matsumoto usually draws portraits of everyday life and ordinary people. The challenge here was to create some unique artworks illustrating Pinna’s ironic quotes. She created beautiful, subtle and funny illustrations, to fit with each Tempo packaging.

The result is a series of beautiful 5 different tissue packagings.