Spring/Summer 2020 collection

The wonderfully talented and long-standing Pocko Photographer, Kyoko Hamada was recently invited to photograph LABO.ART’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection for a bold new artist collaboration.

Kyoko beautifully merged Origami techniques (a nod to her Japanese heritage) with her striking still life sensibilities. Kyoko decisively folded the LABO.ART garments like you would a sheet of paper and laid them on coloured backdrops to create.

playful images experimenting with texture and geometric shapes.

Designer Ludovica Diligu launched her label Labo Art in 2006 in Milan. Growing up in a family of architects, Ludovica’s LABO.ART communicates simple architecture principles through lines, volumes and geometry, ultimately creating a sober and minimal aesthetic.

From the very first time I saw Labo.Art’s clothes, I wanted to create origami like objects using their pieces. The beautiful rich colours and the way the fabrics were thoughtfully cut and sewn together inspired me.

– Kyoko Hamada

When shooting for clients, total freedom can be a challenge. During the process of coming up with ideas and planning the shots, I found myself in the role of Art Director and Stylist.

– Kyoko Hamada

Though thrilled, I soon found that I had been underestimating how much goes into styling. What I tried to keep in mind was to make sure to respect the ingredients; the original shapes, the colours, and the way fabric wants to behave. Most important, of course, was to make sure that the clothes looked great in the final shots.