Journey Through Colour

Since 1846, Dutch company Vlisco have been designing and manufacturing high quality fabrics inspired by African culture and heritage. Vlisco invited Pleid St and Pocko to direct 3 short animated films which would highlight the intricate rich detail of their latest designs.
Due to their historic status, Vlisco needed the films to feel luxurious and majestic, but also so that anyone who may wear the fabrics could feel the same. Using the specific times of day for our three environments meant Pleid St could stretch creatively with different scenery, lighting and atmospheres.
This also gave them an opportunity to build a narrative which meant we could bring personalities to each fabric.

The first film began in the morning where the mood felt alive and bright, moving through high noon to night which brought mystery and tease. These three films honour the historic Dutch company, and truly bring a unique story to each of their fabric products. It also created a special connection between their consumer audience and products.

Chapter 1 begins at the wake of day. You are welcomed into the garden where things start to seem out of the ordinary. You’re greeted by flying fabrics and insects that seem familiar. Fabrics invite you further into the garden when you watch in amazement as they dance around you…

The final chapter moves into twilight, we start to notice the metallic light reflections in our garden environment The fabrics in the light of night dance around with abstract organic shapes and once again, you are left in awe whilst you observe the fabrics as animalistic creatures moving through their habitat…

Our biggest challenge was to create unexpected and non-repetitive fabric simulations of these personality behaviours, whilst the time of the day progressed throughout the film. Creating content specifically for an African audience meant new challenges and perspectives, but something we welcomed with open minds. – Pleid St