Journey Through Colour

Throughout 2021 – Pleid St and Pocko have been working behind the scenes on a hugely exciting project with Vlisco fabrics.

Pleid St created three incredible motion chapters to honour the release of Vlisco’s new fabric ‘The Garden Collection’!

Each chapter features unique environments, plants and other worldly creatures. Pleid St created a sophisticated persona for the fabrics – each moving in it’s own way.

Vlisco has been designing and manufacturing distinctive fabrics loved by African women since 1846. The specially crafted fabrics – Wax Hollandais, Super-Wax and Java – continue to be made with time-honored methods and materials in Helmond, the Netherlands.

Sound Design by Bruma FX

Chapter 1 begins at the wake of day. You are welcomed into the garden where things start to seem out of the ordinary. You’re greeted by flying fabrics and insects that seem familiar.

Fabrics invite you further into the garden when you watch in amazement as they dance around you…

Inspired by Africa, made with a technique derived from Indonesian Batik, designed in the Netherlands, Vlisco’s heritage and design signature is a multicultural melting pot of beauty and industrial craftsmanship.

Chapter 3 coming soon…