sponsors Channel 4's Dave

Pocko joins forces with Love Creative and Lima (Peru) based illustrator Dave Anderson to produce the twelve hilarious and amazingly executed TV idents for Jacamo’s sponsorship of Channel 4’s Dave.

The illustrator’s style and humour become the key factors in enhancing the brand’s identity and position in the market. He keeps it funny but accessible, and is great in depicting an amplified version of some (or all) the mates we have…

“Ponchos work very well for the bigger man”
– there’s one thought from Peru.

“LOVE and Jacamo have been so enthusiastic and supportive I feel someone ought to take their temperature, and to be given the freedom to develop such a long term project has, I’m man enough to admit, made me a little weepy.

“Comedy by committee” can drive you mad and ten seconds is not very long to illustrate some quite tricky ideas, so it’s a dream to be amongst people who understand the way my brain works (have that my GCSE physics teacher!). We all understand it’s a delicate art and I love working out together how we can hike up the funny without resorting to filling the characters’ trousers with custard.

A lovely thing to come out of it is being reunited with my good friend Martin Morris, who has been doing tremendous work helping the animation along. We used to work together at a now defunct animation production company, where I was studio dogsbody. Delivering directions to a man I used to have to fetch lunch for has given me no pleasure at all (excuse me…sorry, “Martin, what did you just call me?”)

It’s the digital age and so it comes as no surprise I’m doing this work from Peru. After checking in over Skype/breakfast at Pocko HQ Dalston, I find it quite fun to listen to Radio 4 at my desk all day, slowly convincing my body that it’s in a village in Hertfordshire. Then, when I emerge onto the streets of Lima at the end of the day I give myself the shock of my life.

Sad but probably good for the ego, being over here however means I haven’t seen the animations on TV screens yet. I thought to myself: this must be how people in Washington who conduct remote drone strikes must feel, blow up a faraway country, close the laptop and go for sushi. I just hope the animations go down a bit better with everyone.”