Pocko Gallery


Pocko Gallery was recently home to Playmetric’s Interplay: An exhibition of 26 paintings that include four series of hand- painted works on paper.

The four series that form the focus of the exhibition are; Dynamics, Identity, Proximity and Technology. With an overarching concept that information is ubiquitous and flows from the significant events that set up our universe to us as individuals and ultimately into the technology we create.

The painting technique is an almost surgical process, using a scalpel and often hundreds of individually cut out masks. Each colour is layered in with a sponge and cleaned up with a brush. Along with some use of spray paint and freehand painting for the line work. The intention is to blur the line between something that is handmade and something made by a machine.

The dynamic events that set up the conditions for life to flourish created pathways through which information flows. The vastness of these pathways is unknown and in perpetual flux. Our curiosity about this unknown entices us onto these pathways which lead us to knowledge. It is via language and discourse this knowledge is then passed into the future as we move along these pathways and gather the necessary information for survival. We can now hear that which was both a success and not.

Moreover, these pathways inform aspects of our identity such as goals and motivation. When acting out our identities in the form of organisations our goals and motivations manifest themselves into knowledgeable ideas that can form a collective understanding that pulls us into proximity with one another.

It is through great inventions like the Alphabet, numbers and ultimately, books and information technology we, as individuals and our organisations can process this knowledge and more accurately prepare for the future. It is with these inventions we have created new pathways making them the most significant tools for humanity to navigate into the future. Even though this pathway does get used for both positive and negative ends, this grand narrative we all experience continues to head in a predominately positive direction.

It is now that we can stand back and visualise the information flowing through these pathways and process them to see the complex arrangements of information caught in a state of interplay. What bargain with the future will we make?