Intergenerational Fairness


The Intergenerational Foundation (IF) is a charity working to protect the rights of younger and future generations in British policy-making. They are pushing to change policy in housing, health and higher education, employment, taxation, pensions, voting, transport and environmental degradation.

The charity wanted to create a video acting as a call to action, and as a central element of their new website. They approached us to produce a simple yet powerful animated short film which explains to young people why they are calling for a fairer deal for their generation.

The Intergenerational Foundation chose to work with artist Dave Anderson, who interpreted the serious script with unusual and humorous ideas: “In the past I’ve always said that it’s much easier to make a music video for a song you like, and I can now add that there’s no shortage of energy working for a cause you believe in.”

The hero of the film is a young woman in her mid-20s. We follow her as she faces the most common problems of her generation. A small bag of money drops down, before she gets overburdened by student debt, bills, zero hours contracts, high housing costs, etc.

The young lady is trying to hold up the world, as it gets heavier and heavier and eventually squashes her–illustrating the need for a new social contract between generations, one that ensures each new generation has better prospects than those before.

‘It’s been very refreshing working for IF, an organisation that aims to work on a broader issue that I’ve suspected for some time to be at play in every part of news and society.

I spoke recently with my father about the price of his education (free) and the house he bought in 1980 (incredibly reasonable compared to wages), and something in the system has obviously changed since then. I wanted however to be careful in the visuals not to demonise the older generation. It would be silly to think that your gran subscribes to a private conspiracy among her bridge club to keep certain opportunities for themselves that young people of a similar background can no longer afford.’

– Dave

We were delighted to take part in this project while also supporting a cause we strongly care about.

“As a small charitable think tank with a tiny marketing budget we are mindful that the money we spend – which mostly comes from donations – must work extremely hard and go the extra mile. Thanks to the creativity of Dave and passion of the Pocko team, we have been able to produce this fantastic animation within budget and on time. We have received nothing but positive feedback for what is now the centrepiece of our website front page. We are indebted to everyone involved. Thank you!”

–  Liz Emerson, IF Co-founder