Cohesion: Interaction is Key

Pocko Social in collaboration with Dialogica are proud to present: Cohesion.

In the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, Pocko Social was approached by Italian health charity, Dialogica, with the idea of producing content that would communicate how important bringing the community together is.

Through a series of remote meetings Pocko Social started to understand the work and social efforts of Dialogica and how we could help their cause. Dialogica are health architects: a team of community psychologists, organisations, clinicians, active for more than 10 years in consulting, training and research for the innovation of Social Policy and People Services.

Their mission is to be a development laboratory for Public and Private Bodies that want to increase their positive impact on community health.

Dialogica wanted to face the age-old challenge of creating the union between science and art, entrusting Pocko with the translation into an animated film of the scientific message that guides the daily work of the charity. Community cohesion faces great uncertainty whilst we try to emerge from this pandemic. If we as a human species are to conserve and thrive, we must encourage the idea of working together. This idea created the foundation of our animation.

With Kandinsky’s musical works as our inspiration, we developed on the idea that an orchestra must cohesively work together to produce a common goal. We created minimal abstract visual elements, sound mixed cohesively with orchestral sounds to demonstrate this interaction.

Pocko Social Creative Director Nicola Schwartz – who has spent lockdown in Berlin – assembled the team who would work on the visuals, animation and music. This team consisted of Italian artist Marco Oggian who lives in La Coruna, Spain and Awolff animation studio based in Milano. Working closely with Italian composer Daniele Ricchiedei to create the music for the animation, they brought together a series of talented classical musicians to play remotely and create a virtual orchestra.

Pocko Social also created an alternative version of the animation, switching out the classical track with a dance inspired track to relay a different take on the animation and encourage new collaboration. Different music producers were invited to remix and reinterpret the film soundtrack, creating a new and fresh perspective with the same visual storytelling. Each new interpretation of the soundtrack acted as a further social call, inviting musicians, DJs and producers to create their own interpretation of the concept of Cohesion.

The process of building the film was a great teamwork, in which day after day the interaction between all the artists and our staff gave life to an extraordinary product: think that all the professionals, although geographically distant from each other, were able to work for the common goal of making with simplicity such an important message for the community today more than ever, interaction is the key to generate cohesion.

— Eleonora Braga, Communication Manager of Dialogica

It has been an honour and privilege to spend a good part of the lockdown working with an amazing network of talented people spread around Europe, all incredibly dedicated to producing something that was so relevant to what we were experiencing but also applicable to a more cohesive society in the future. These 2 months of working together are an example of this, thanks to the skills of the individual extraordinary artists but above all to the ability of each of them to work as a team.

— Nicola Schwartz, Creative Director of Pocko Social

The short film condenses in less than a minute the ability of the interaction to be a generative and constructive development of the human community, which will not only enable it to survive the current pandemic, but also to be increasingly competent to meet future collective challenges. The different professionals managed with close teamwork to generate cohesion during a health pandemic that is hampering and severely undermining social interactions. The product of this process represents with graphic and musical art the power of human community and how you can build it.

Another remix to the mix! The below video by Lorenzo Gasperoni contains vocoder vibes and deep beats to rock out to.