Adam & EveDDB


June 2020 was supposed to be a month of Pride celebrations but with the pandemic, celebrations were put on hold… and Pride in London was cancelled.

Pocko Social was contacted by Adam & EveDDB about a campaign and platform they created to help everyone celebrate in their own way, whilst encouraging people to still stay home and save lives.

We contacted our wide network of artists to create content and support for the campaign.

Illustrations, animations and paper cuts were all created to celebrate this cause – once again Pocko Social is proud to represent and celebrate a cause close to our hearts.

You can see all our In and Proud artwork on our Instagram, or you can check out the full project here, on our Pocko Social website!

At home or on the streets, the most important thing is to be always proud of who you are. Staying home can be an opportunity to remember the struggles and fights that have been made for equality and to reflect on what we can still do to protect everyone’s rights. – Andrea Chronopoulos 

“Just because Pride didn’t happen, it doesn’t happen that it’s not there. How will I be celebrating pride this year? Well, we’ll see but it would probably about finding a way to have people at home and try to have a good and loud party. Fingers crossed.” Simon Landrein

“We’ve been always #In&Proud supporting everyone who believes in love, no matter who you are and who you want to share that love with. We are showing support and respect every day of the year, and this is the best way how to celebrate the LGBT+ community.” Idea and Maker

“This pride we’re not together. And, while that’s tough for everyone, it’s particularly tough on our community. Because for us…community is everything. Just because there’s no parade, Doesn’t mean we can’t be proud. So let’s put our best heels forward. Let’s dance like everyone’s watching.”

– Adam&EveDDB