Kitty Wong

For their recent new campaign, HSBC commissioned different artists to create a pattern for one of their investment sector.

We have worked with Hong-Kong based artist Kitty Wong on a wonderful pattern focusing on education.


Kitty is based in Hong-Kong and started drawing a few years ago with an interest in experimenting different intricate and conceptual designs, using pen and pencil. She is also the head of marketing of a new art and cultural project in Hong Kong.


The challenge was to create a unique, intricate and seamless pattern design

HSBC wanted the illustration to reference their Education investment branch. Kitty is the mother of two teenagers and is a strong believer in all-rounded education and creative learning. It was then very natural for HSBC to choose her to illustrate their Education investment branch.

The result is an elegant and sophisticated pattern in style. We can look at it for a while and discover hidden elements. HSBC then printed the pattern on beautiful origami butterflies, and used those butterflies throughout all campaign visuals.

Kitty also benefited  from a lovely social media and PR campaign. You can see an example of the lovely content created as part of the campaign.