Hoxton Window Project

Paul Bower & Carlos Garde-Martin

Pocko collaborated with Unit 9 over the summer on the beautiful Hoxton Window Project. Paul Bower and Carlos Garde-Martin were part of the amazing group of artists that had the opportunity to decorate Unit 9’s windows for a short while.

Carlos went for a piece inspired on old Cockney Rhyming Slang – since Unit9 is based in East London, this tribute wasn’t unwelcome! Some of the phrases included Dog and Bone (phone), Ascot Braces (braces), and Gregory Peck (neck)


Paul decided to make fun of Shoreditch holiday-goers by illustrating common stereotypes: boys at the beach, girls on yoga retreats, and Londoners on a good old staycation.

If you didn’t get the chance to visit Hoxton at the time you can have a look at both videos produced by Unit 9 bellow as well as a selection of pictures.

“The Hoxton Window Project” is a showcase open to everyone. It is a place for young and old talent to exhibit their skills, and for us to share and give back to the community.” – Unit 9