High Maintenance, Low Intelligence

Pocko Gallery

Pocko is proud to announce the opening of High Maintenance, Low Intelligence. The exhibition revolves around two competing artists Paul Bower and Betty Fang.

Paul and Betty share a wry sense of humour and a penchant for visual punchlines. Their work takes on the most basic social idiosyncrasies of our lives and translate them into humorous graphic forms and characters.They face off on opposing walls and you will have to come and tell us which side you’re on! Duration: December 2016 – February 2017

I take inspiration from the little things that human beings do and say and play around with them. 

Paul Bower


Based in south London, Paul Bower works with hand-made prints and generally makes a mess. His work is founded in a simple, sarcastic, and wry sense of humour. His attention and appreciation tends to be drawn to what most of us never really look at in our everyday lives.

His illustrations strip down to the absolute essentials and get the message across, which has earned him commissions for Google, Virgin, Paramount Habitat, and MTV as well as a V&A Award for Best Book Cover.



This is artist Betty Fang’s first show in the UK.

Rich in texture, colour and pattern, her collage and typographic work liberally uses paint, collage, print, drawing and pretty much anything she can find on her travels to stick/nail/glue down.

She attempts to portray a messed up reality where anything is possible. Her love of visual storytelling has led to collaborations with photographers, magazines and annual poster designs at the Staatstheatre Hannover. Betty currently resides in Las Vegas with her pet bat Terry.