He Said, She Said

Daisy de Villeneuve

Chick lit meets graphic novel in this addictive collection of naive felt-tip drawings, paired with typed fragments of stolen conversation. Artist Daisy de Villeneuve has created a sensation in the fashion and pop art worlds with her dynamically sketched faces of teens, which have adorned fashion ads, shoebox tops, clothing, and now her own line of housewares.

Drawing on her influences, from The Bangles to Roy Lichtenstein, de Villeneuve has created a totally unique look with a decidedly retro vibe. The characters in He Said She Said, her first book, are by turns ruefully humorous and determinedly feisty, each speaking their piece in short, insouciant bursts.

Scribbled on lined paper and possessing the furtive appearance of pages torn from a diary, the colored, spiked, and adorned faces in these pages muse dispassionately on themselves and one another — and in doing so touch on the timeless bewilderments and longings that exist between the sexes.

Daisy de Villeneuve (b. 1975, London) studied Fashion and Fine Art in New York City and Paris, earning a B.F.A from Parsons School of Design in 1999. Since 1989, she kept track of what was happening in her life by writing in day-journals and keeping a record of conversations with friends.


Daisy de Villeneuve pokes fun at the relation between the sexes. Snippets of conversations with her friends and lovers are paired with childlike felt-pen drawings of downtown types like herself – Elle

Underneath the simplicity of her style lies an extraordinary richness of emotion and poignant everyday life sketches, full of detail and subtle mood – Lab